What to look for in an Automatic Chain link Fencing Machine?

  • securefencing
  • June 8, 2020
  • Business

It totally depends on you and your needs which fencing machine you would prefer but if you’ll ask us for advice, we would say the semi-automatic and the fully automatic fencing machines are the best. Given below are the advantages of automatic chain link fence machine you should definitely consider:

  • Designed to work continuously 24 hours a day without any obstacle.
  • 70-80% Increase in production
  • 60-70% Reduced costs
  • Only 1-2 worker required.
  • Single wire input system.
  • Long service life and a low tolerance for mould.
  • About 100-120 Kg/-hr production capacity.
  • Can be used with any wire of thickness between 1.6mm and 4mm
  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Automatic, cutting, wrapping and fencing system for wires.
  • Mitsubishi, Schneider electrics.
  • Fast and no chance of losing time because of improved technology.
  • High energy-saving mode available.
  • Low noise and less maintenance.
If you are already charmed by our fully automatic chain link fence machine, it’s time you get it ordered now. The machine will be delivered to you by the best shipping company to ensure safe shipping. Our engineers will guide you with the process to use the machine and about its maintenance. Stop waiting there and get the best quote possible for your Automatic chain link fencing machines now.